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Raym’s books
To deepen your understanding of the Crystal Dreaming™ process we recommend reading Raym’s books in the following order.

Spirit Guide 

“It is a “must read” for everyone, especially those embarking on a spiritual journey.  I highly recommend it”
Dr. Patricia Bragg ND PhD.

“…easy to read, entertaining and informative.  An indispensable guide. Highly recommended”.
Your Destiny Magazine.



Spirit World 

“Raym is a master story-teller, but more than that, his stories are factual, these things are experienced by real people. 

You will read fascinating details of realms hidden from most of us. One day you may even be able to apply what you learn here in your own life.”
Elizabeth Jewell, LivingNow Editor



Alchemy of Crystals
The complete Crystal Dreaming™ process)

“Raym has developed a powerful and truly transformative therapeutic method… I can confirm, as a scientist, as a doctor and as a psychiatrist that what I experienced was life changing”.
Dr D Burton  MB.BS B(sci)



All are available as Ebooks from Amazon and iBooks

To order a hard copy within Australia call (02) 66 843 467 with your credit card details
Spirit World $27 Au
Spirit Guide $27 Au
Alchemy of Crystals $33 Au
Price includes surface mail to your address within Australia

If you live outside Australia and prefer a hard copy, paperbacks are available through Amazon

Chicchan’s CDs
Inspired by Crystal Dreaming Chicchan’s CDs are ideal for relaxation and meditation.

Crystal Dreaming
This album creates a timeless space for you to deeply relax and meditate. Forty five uninterrupted  minutes of the pure sounds and vibrations of nine crystal singing bowls. To download click here.

Inner Temple
Two tracks “Heaven” and “Earth” on this CD express these qualities through a synthesis of the sounds and vibrations of crystal singing bowls, tone chimes, bells and toning. Ideal for meditation groups and sound therapists. To download click here.

Chicchan’s albums are available from us by mail order as a CD or USB flash drive within Australia, $17Au each (incl gst p&p)

To Order within Australia order by phone with credit card by calling (02) 66 843 467

If you live outside Australia or prefer to receive the albums electronically, search iTunes or Amazon Music for Chicchan.