Raym, Byron Bay, Australia. Crystal Master Raym created this process over twenty years ago. He offers personal sessions in the Byron Hinterland, nationally, internationally and wherever he is teaching. With Chicchan he also guides tours of Sacred Sites and Crop Circles in the UK each year.

Founder and teacher of Crystal Dreaming™. Visit Raym's website or email

ChicchanByron Bay, Australia. Chicchan developed Crystal Awareness and is  a Crystal Dreaming™ teacher and practitioner. She is also a vibrational sound healer with crystal singing bowls, a Pranic healer, a Tarot reader and a Reiki Master. With Raym she also guides tours of Sacred Sites and Crop Circles in the UK each year.

Crystal Dreaming™ teacher since 1995. Visit Chicchan's website or email Chicchan.


Dorian, Sydney, NSW. Dorian is an Advanced Crystal Dreaming™ practitioner. Let him help you to release all blocks that stop you from being who you truly are. Through a Shamanic journey in a safe and secure environment he will help you to clear present and past life trauma creating the space to be who you truly are.
Contact Dorian 0435 603 941.  Email Dorian
Qualified November 2013, post graduate study. Advanced practitioner.

Taijah, Newcastle, NSW. Crystal Dreaming practitioner, youth worker. facilitator at Heal for Life Foundation.  "I am fully committed to facilitating healing on all levels, gently holding space to empower others to reconnect with their true higher selves and life's purpose." Taijah has years of experience working with survivors of abuse and trauma in residential healing settings. Remove blockages, release trauma and regain yourself!
Contact Taijah 0416 687 856. Email Taijah
Qualified November 2016

Gabrielle, Toronto, NSW. Crystal Dreaming Practitioner, Ignite Your Spirit Therapist and Teacher, Journey Practitioner, Values for Living Life Coach.
Contact Gabrielle 0418 689 526. Email Gabrielle.
Qualified June 2010 post graduate study several times. Advanced practitioner. 
Licensed Crystal Dreaming™ teacher.

Debbie, Sydney, NSW. Debbie Shaman is an experienced, wise and gifted Crystal Dreaming therapist and teacher, Crystal Sound Therapist and Psychic Medium. Debbie also runs a weekly group healing meditation.  “Crystal Dreaming is a sacred journey of empowerment and freedom. Our natural state is one of joy, health and success in every area!  I look forward to helping you discover the treasures within.”  In English or Portuguese. Call Debbie on 0402 399 128 or visit her websiteEmail Debbie.
Qualified June 2010. Post graduate study. Advanced practitioner. 
Licensed Crystal Dreaming™ teacher.

Tracy, Sydney, Northern Beaches. Clear past life trauma or blocks that are preventing you from reaching your full potential in this lifetime.. Connect with your spirit guides for advice and guidance. Crystal Dreaming™ in English and Spanish.
Call Tracy on 0415 366 902. Email Tracy
Qualified July 2008, post graduate study several times.  
Licensed Crystal Dreaming™ teacher.

Rachel, Melbourne, North Fitzroy. Through Crystal Dreaming™ you are gently guided in a safe and supportive journey to awaken your true nature as a Divine Being of Light.
Call Rachel 0400 880 404 or visit her websiteEmail Rachel
Qualified November 2010, post graduate study. Advanced practitioner. 
Licensed Crystal Dreaming™ teacher.

Jude, Rhinebeck, New York, USA. Jude Smith is an Interfaith Minister, spiritual teacher, Crystal Dreaming practitioner and Ignite Your Spirit therapist.  Jude's passion is to lead others to their fullest experience of self-expression and self-actualization. Jude is also an authorized guide for John of God and regularly leads retreats to Brazil. Call Jude 845-337-6996 or visit her websiteEmail Jude
Qualified May 2015. Post graduate study. Advanced practitioner.
Licensed Crystal Dreaming™ teacher.

Jayne,Trumbull, Connecticut, USA. Through your Crystal Dreaming journey, I will assist you to release negative energies including past or present life traumas, phobias, or addictions that will free you to experience more joy, love and inner peace in your life now. Call Jayne on (203) 339-1518. Email Jayne
Qualified May 2015. Post graduate study. Advanced practitioner

Vanamali, Leichhardt, Sydney. Vanamali is a compassionate, highly intuitive healer and is an Advanced Crystal Dreaming Practitioner. She is also an Ignite Your Spirit Therapist, a Reiki Usui Master and a Crystal Light Healing™ Practitioner and teacher. Her soul journey is to help you release all that prevents you from living with abundance, joy and love. Allow her to  unlock blockages in you life and assist you in reaching your potential. Call Vanamali 0433 119 821 or visit her website.  Email Vanamali
Qualified May 2014. Advanced practitioner
Licensed Crystal Dreaming™ teacher.

Julia, Sydney and RussiaCrystal Dreaming practitioner, Energy Healer, Ayurvedic practitioner and Meditation teacher. Julia believes in everybody's birthright to a happy, healthy and purposeful life and is passionate about helping those who make that choice. Crystal Dreaming™ offers a profound, safe and graceful way to clear the path and step into the fullness of who you are. Sessions and training courses available in English and Russian. Call Julia +61 (0) 418 898 466. Email Julia
Qualified June 2010, postgraduate study twice. Advanced practitioner
Licensed Crystal Dreaming™ teacher.

Gaye, Canberra, ACT. International author and wholistic practitioner, Gaye Piper will allow your body and cellular memories talk to you as she facilitates your experience of exploration on the inner plane, with a heightened awareness of reality, in a safe, nurturing and protected environment. Call Gaye on 0428 624 452 or visit her websiteEmail Gaye
Qualified June 2004. Advanced practitioner.
Licensed Crystal Dreaming™ teacher.


Benson, Lilydale, Victoria. Let me gently and safely guide you on a wondrous journey of discovery as you release past traumas and open yourself to your bliss. Please call me on 0448 150 887 so we can talk about how I may be of service to your soul. Email Benson.
Qualified November 2011. Advanced practitioner.


Dilma, Byron Bay, Mullumbimby, NSW and Portugal. Dilma is a Crystal Dreaming practitioner, Kinesiologist and 5 Rhythms dance teacher. She is committed to empowering people, thought their connection to spirit and higher-self, to live a life of freedom and abundance. She is caring, loving and wise. Call Dilma on 0431 035 271 or 0266 845 398. Visit her websiteEmail Dilma
Qualified February 2015. Post graduate study three times. Advanced practitioner.
Licensed Crystal Dreaming™ teacher.


Anna, Byron Bay, Sydney and Melbourne. Anna teaches meditation and is one of the sound healing duo 'Healing Hertz' who have travelled Australia's east coast extensively with their vibrational sound baths.  After a spontaneous kundalini awakening in 2013, her search to understand the weird and wonderful experiences she was having lead her to Crystal Dreaming. It not only validated for her the higher level of awareness that she had tapped into unknowingly, but also gave her the ability to engage with it in a positive way and use it to be of service to others.  Call Anna on 0419 883 163 or visit her website.  Email Anna
Qualified January 2014. Advanced practitioner.


Freya, Fremantle, WA. Unlock your true potential. Meet your Spirit Guides and access your Life Purpose. Clear life blockages and core issues with ease, experiencing transformation through all bodies on a cellular level and states of Bliss and Oneness. Call Freya  on 0412 440 118 or visit her websiteEmail Freya.
Qualified November 2011.  Post graduate study. Advanced practitioner.

Licensed Crystal Dreaming™ teacher.


Anika, Byron Bay, NSW. Anika is a multi-talented, highly-skilled and widely-experienced Therapist and Intuitive Healer. She has been gently assisting people to heal for over 30 years. She enjoys facilitating profound healing for others in a gentle, caring and supportive way; empowering them towards their health and happiness. Anika has also been a trainer for over 20 years and enjoys helping others grow. Anika’s passion is finding causes and unblocking them, empowering others, and helping people take back their power and health, especially other healers. Call Anika  on 0468 618 288 or visit her website. Email Anika
Qualified November 2016. Post graduate study. Advanced practitioner.
Licensed Crystal Dreaming™ teacher.


Jelle, Maleny, Sunshine Coast Qld. Jelle is an experienced Crystal Dreaming practitioner. With his happy Leo energy he provides a perfect  safe setting for you to go 'inside'.  "There is nothing outside self" - let Jelle guide you on this inner journey, release traumas you might have carried for eons and discover your true greatness. With his background in Family Constellations and working with the T8 (Trinfinity 8 - Crystal Healing Device) he is more than capable in helping you to change and realise what a magnificent being of Love and Light you truly are.
Contact Jelle: 0405 648 882 or visit his website. Email Jelle
Qualified February 2016


Carlie Eden, Seaforth, NSW. Experience a safe Shamanic journey where Carlie will guide you to release anger, fear, trauma, abuse, unwanted experiences and behaviors. Occasionally this includes past life regression. Your life plan can be activated, new inspiration, enthusiasm and energy is ignited as you connect with your soul's purpose.
Call text or email Carlie for questions and bookings  0408 966 401.  Email Carlie.

Qualified November 2016. Post graduate study. Advanced practitioner.


 Karen, Mandurah WA. Connect with your Divine Self, deepen your soul wisdom on your Earthly journey.  Profound bliss is yours. Call Karen now 0490 899 618 or visit her website or Email Karen.
Qualified October 2011.  Advanced practitioner.
Licensed Crystal Dreaming™ teacher. 


Mrinal, Melbourne, Victoria. A Metaphysical healer since 1997, with humbleness and gratitude, I can assist you to clear Karmic baggage, heal past lives, release cellular traumas, clear spaces and gently facilitate your soul's journey towards healing and growthCall Mrinal now 03 9597 0500 or visit her website.  Email Mrinal
Qualified November 2010, post graduate study. Advanced practitioner
Licensed Crystal Dreaming™ teacher.