“Raym has developed a powerful and truly transformative therapeutic method that rapidly resolves the emotions, cognitions, physical ailments and behaviour associated with trauma – often within a very short period of time. I can confirm, as a scientist, as a doctor and as a psychiatrist that what I experienced was life changing.”

Dr D Burton  Psychaitrist, MB.BS B(sci)

“Shamanic journeying allows one to perceive the non-physical as well as the world of form. In particular, the Crystal Dreaming technique allows individuals an opportunity to experientially understand in a safe environment that they are supported in their healing journey, bypassing a great deal of suffering, and freeing clients to live a more fulfilling life”.

Dr A Zaiman  Surgeon

“Individuals often intuitively know if some aspects of themselves are not yet healed. The language of our conscious minds often cannot access the vast deeper parts of ourselves. One has to go beyond the intellect to reach these areas that remain hidden and unhealed but which still exert an enormous influence on our well-being, our behaviour in this world, and often our health.

This process makes one realize that we are much vaster than we perceive; and that ultimately all our experiences are for our growth and evolvement. It also helps us to tap into our natural, but often long forgotten, blissful state of being. It helps us to remember the wonder of existence and ourselves, that we are all connected, and that there is much support available to us at all times.

This is sacred work and it is a privilege to partake of it”.

Dr C Fyans  GP