In Loving Memory
Chicchan 1954-2022

Crystal Dreaming® safely expanding consciousness since 1994

I am a psychiatrist in Australia who currently practices in public health and specialises in trauma and depression. I have been on a spiritual path – seeking answers since  childhood. To be honest, it was with some trepidation and a lot of excitement that I enrolled to become a Crystal Dreaming® Therapist. My anticipatory anxiety was around harming clients with a healing method that may owe its effectiveness to the placebo effect or suggestibility and my excitement was immersed in studying a healing method with crystals and having heard so many clients speak so positively about Crystal Dreaming®.

Working with Raym and his partner quickly removed any sense that this therapy relies on placebo or suggestibility. I can confirm from my own experience; within the training course and in practising this modality, that Raym has developed a powerful and truly transformative therapeutic method that rapidly resolves the emotions, cognitions, physical ailments, and behaviour associated with trauma – often within a very short period of time.

When I experience my first Crystal Dreaming® Treatment I was convinced that I would experience something that was a “New Age” gimmick. Well wasn’t I wrong. The treatment was totally life changing. I say this after five years of studying as an emergency physician and 15 years studying in Psychiatry. What I experienced during my treatment session was beyond words and beyond what my intellect had constructed. It is easy for the human mind to label experiences and categorise them as meaningless. I can confirm, as a scientist, as a doctor and as a psychiatrist that what I experienced was life changing. During the procedure I was taken to places that went way beyond what my intellect had constructed. However it was after the healing that the amazing changes from my experience within the Crystal Mandala truly manifested and convinced me that this is a healing method sent via Raym from the highest Masters who love humanity unconditionally. Literally my life changed overnight. Fears, anxieties and belief systems that had been a central part of my personality fell away. Experiences that I never thought were possible occurred within hours of my treatment.

To put it in very basic terms.; my heart opened and my ability to forgive and let go of trauma, self hatred and victim consciousness faded away. The Universe opened and real life experiences that I considered beyond my capabilities and deservedness opened like flowers – magically and organically within days.

I cannot recommend this modality more. I do caution people troubled with serious mental illness or on medication to consult their relevant specialists first, but I strongly endorse this therapy.”
Dr D B  MB.BS B(sci) 
Advanced Trainee in Psychiatry
Conjoint University Fellow


Crystal Dreaming® is one of those rare finds. 

As a medical doctor, I am committed to my own healing journey and the healing journey of my patients in clinical practice. 

Crystal Dreaming® takes you through a multidimensional journey where you are in the driver’s seat. You traverse the landscape of your psyche as you are guided to heal the core wounds from this and past lives. Once you have cleared your energetic body of these unintegrated fragments, you are free to find connection to your Higher Self, your Ancesters, Beings who love you unconditionally, Unity Consciousness, Bliss and the Unconditional Love that holds the Universe together. 

Crystal Dreaming® opens up the multilayered reality within and around you to reveal your true essence, where you may inquire of your soul’s journey and answers to your deep questioning are revealed to you. 

Dive into it. Crystal Dreaming® is an incredible way to open up this passageway to the soul that I’ve rarely experienced in any other modality that I have so far experienced or worked with. 

When you travel with Raym you are sitting with a Crystal Master.

Dr Mario Alam
General Practitioner, MBBS, FRACG


“Individuals often intuitively know if some aspects of themselves are not yet healed. The language of our conscious minds often cannot access the vast deeper parts of ourselves. One has to go beyond the intellect to reach these areas that remain hidden and unhealed but which still exert an enormous influence on our well-being, our behaviour in this world, and often our health.

This process makes one realize that we are much vaster than we perceive; and that ultimately all our experiences are for our growth and evolvement. It also helps us to tap into our natural, but often long forgotten, blissful state of being. It helps us to remember the wonder of existence and ourselves, that we are all connected, and that there is much support available to us at all times.

This is sacred work and it is a privilege to partake of it”.
Dr C Fyans   GP


My Crystal Dreaming® session went like this. Raym swept my energy field (at the time I didn’t really know that I even had an energy field). I sat in a chair with my eyes closed as he had requested, and tried to relax. I thought he had a torch in his hand, and that he was flicking it on, off, on, off into my eyes. It seemed weird but so was the idea of crystals doing anything to anyone. When he finished the torch thing, I said…

“Why did you shine a torch on and off in my face?”
He said, “What torch? I didn’t have a torch.”
I said, “You must have because there was bright light pulsing on and off in my eyes.”
He said, “Oh, that was coming out of my hand.”

Seeing no torch in evidence, I’m sure my jaw dropped.
I then lay on a mattress covered in beautiful material and surrounded by crystals. Raym then placed crystals all over me.

The next part involved a journey to the inner realm. We went through various inner dimensions and cleared pain I didn’t know was there from my heart centre. Then it felt like everything sped up and I was journeying rapidly inward with an angel beside me. I ended up in a realm of absolute white bliss, where I felt myself to be one with all of nature, one with the trees, one with the sky, one with the earth. There was no end to what I conceived of as Self. It went beyond the earth, through the stratosphere and out into space.

The bliss was so wild and all-encompassing it felt like thousands of orgasms happening not just everywhere in my body but in the trees, the sky, everywhere. It was a most extraordinary experience for which I had no frame of reference. It would get so strong I thought I would explode out of existence and as that fear arose it would back away, then I would call it back and it would happen again, this went on and on.

It took some time to fully land back in my body and I knew that something important had shifted, something new was beginning. Truly, it changed my life. Immediately some voice from deep within said, “I have to learn this, will you please teach me?” Those words came out of my mouth and it was the beginning of a lovely friendship and a rapid period of spiritual growth.

We arranged for Raym and his wife Chicchan to come down to my home in Sydney and give 20 of my friends Crystal Dreaming® sessions, which I arranged and sat in while Raym facilitated. Oh my goodness, what a lesson in Life Beyond Form! Through those sessions, all manner of beings that I had vaguely heard of in mythological books, Gods and Goddesses, Earthbound Spirits, dark lords who made my skin crawl, and sublime Angels appeared and if they were not of the light, were cleared. I came up close and personal with all these things.

Rapidly and unexpectedly, I found myself able to perceive subtle energy. I would never have described myself as a clairvoyant or clear sentient and had little understanding of the terms. I didn’t think of myself as an intuitive, I was a lawyer. A good, sensible lawyer! Lawyers don’t believe in ghosts, they don’t have mystical visions. They don’t travel across the galaxy in their astral bodies.

Truly, it was a shock. So many real things happened, and the instant we shifted a being, the change in a person’s health, pain level, mind or emotional body was so dramatic that it would not have been rational to deny that something important was going on.

The conception that I held of reality was shattered, my paradigm expanded and I knew that I would become a healer and spiritual teacher, and go beyond the closed down half asleep consciousness that I thought was all there is.”

Shakti Durga (Kim Fraser) Guru